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  • Cooperative teaching?

    Cooperative teaching?

    I like to pre­pare a new his­to­ry course for my stu­dents,  but it can be very time consuming. If there is a text­book on the sub­ject, you can start from there and add some online mate­r­i­al, but unless you have time for hours of surf­ing, you might not stum­ble upon the BEST online mate­r­i­al for […]

  • Synthesis activities in the 21st century classroom

    Synthesis activities in the 21st century classroom

    (This blog is inspired by a blog­post of my hon­oured tribe­mate Starr Sack­stein — you should real­ly go fol­low her) When you have worked your way through a nov­el with a class for weeks it is great to fin­ish off with some syn­the­sis activ­i­ties and pre­sen­ta­tions to real­ly let the sto­ry sink in. If you can find […]

  • Dare we go with classroom flow?

    Dare we go with classroom flow?

    This week I par­tic­i­pat­ed in #edchatDe, a ger­man twit­ter­chat for educators. One of the ques­tions was : Q2: What rules and rit­u­als have you intro­duced to cre­ate a pos­i­tive atmos­phere? #EdchatDE — EdchatDE (@EdchatDE) 19. novem­ber 2013   And my answer was: @Lektoren I prac­tise that some­times. But — sur­pris­es and “adven­tur­ous lessons” own val­ues as well, espe­cial­ly […]

  • Let your students curate teaching material

    Let your students curate teaching material

    I just fin­ished a short “speaker’s course” in 1.g (stu­dents are app. 16 ys.), where we looked at dif­fer­ent rea­son­ing tech­niques before stu­dents pre­pared and gave a speech them­selves in class. As an intro­duc­tion I let the stu­dents share links to a video of a favorite speak­er before class in a shared Google Doc. They picked […]

  • Writing course in K12 — tips and tricks

    Writing course in K12 — tips and tricks

    I just fin­ished a begin­ner’s course on writ­ing skills with one of my class­es (first lev­el in upper sec­ondary school , the stu­dents are 16–17 years.) The pur­pose was to teach the stu­dents dif­fer­ent  tools and approach­es, that will be use­ful in a writ­ing proces. The stu­dents assign­ment was  to write a “let­ter to the edi­tor” […]

  • Danish history for dummies

    Danish history for dummies

    Dear exchange stu­dent, how would you like to write this assign­ment, when your class mates write ‘Dan­ish/his­to­ry-assign­ment’ ?: “Write a small account (5 pages) of Dan­ish his­to­ry from year 1000 to 2000 for future exchange stu­dents in Eng­lish. Which events are the most impor­tant to under­stand Danes ? You can write about the vikings, the found­ing of […]