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Dare we go with classroom flow?

This week I participated in #edchatDe, a german twitterchat for educators.

One of the questions was :


And my answer was:


@frandevol’s answer gave me food for thought.

This week one of my lessons surprised me. I was introducing terms to poetry analysis; metaphors and so forth.

The lesson’s homework was a particular poem, and I had a scheduled plan, with an outline of the lesson’s conclusions ready in the back of my head, when I went into class.

Classroom surfing? CC-license, http://www.flickr.com/photos/usairforce/
Classroom parachuting?
CC-license, http://www.flickr.com/photos/usairforce/


Then one of the students talked passionately about another poem, and I decided to with her passion. She googled it and copied it into a shared Google Doc.

Bum. New agenda. Gamechanger.  New roles.

I wasn’t mr. know-it-all anymore. The student was ahead of me as she had worked with the poem before.

I had to start analyzing from scratch with the students. I didn’t have a suggested interpretation of the text beforehand. And it was fun!

‘Motivation’ is a current topic in Denmark’s educational debate. Some say that students are demotivated by not having influence on the agenda/curriculum. School is like a predictable film rolling before their eyes.

How hard do you stick to your lesson plans and how do you leave room for spontaneity in your planning?






2 svar til “1 minutters læsningDare we go with classroom flow?

  1. Kelli Avatar

    Teachable moments are the cornerstone of engaged classrooms. You did it!

  2. Lars Henriksen Avatar

    Thanks Kelli – I agree there should be more teachable moments. But wait, what do you mean by ‘teachable’?

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