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Timelines in OneNote

Have you ever asked your students to create timelines in OneNote? This exercise utilizes 3 cool features of OneNote: The infinite scroll. There is no limit to the scope of a timeline, and you can go back and expand and

Be aware and exercise your #Google #criticism

This is an idea for a history lesson on “search machine-criticism”: Homework: Watch this video   In class; Test the assertions/claims in the video by changing location and Google accounts: Google the same keyword from different IP adresses: at home,

2: Collaboration Project with @CenterStreet86 and her class


My school participated in a regional project with 6 other schools trying to come up with ideas to bring the world into the classroom other than embarking on expensive study trips. Inspired by this, I blogged 5 ideas to for

1: Classroom discussion in a Sharepoint newsfeed


Although I don’t like to be used as a pawn in the big EdtechGame of Thrones between Google and Microsoft, I am vain enough to fall for tricks like being accepted in ye olde knighthood of Microsofts Innovate Educators and

Digital tools in the #history classroom


Presentation for plenary session on Council of Europe Belgrade seminar, 29/10 2015 This is my first visit to Belgrade so I hope there will be time to see the city. My name is Lars Henriksen and I have been teaching

5 ideas for a #connected humanities #k12 classroom

I would like to connect my students with students in another country. Maybe it doesn’t have to be very time-consuming, if you start with very small assignments- and then see what happens. First, one should ask the students, what online social icebreaker

Cooperative teaching?

I like to prepare a new history course for my students,  but it can be very time consuming. If there is a textbook on the subject, you can start from there and add some online material, but unless you have

Synthesis activities in the 21st century classroom

(This blog is inspired by a blogpost of my honoured tribemate Starr Sackstein – you should really go follow her) When you have worked your way through a novel with a class for weeks it is great to finish off with

Dare we go with classroom flow?

This week I participated in #edchatDe, a german twitterchat for educators. One of the questions was : Q2: What rules and rituals have you introduced to create a positive atmosphere? #EdchatDE — EdchatDE (@EdchatDE) 19. november 2013   And my

Let your students curate teaching material

I just finished a short “speaker’s course” in 1.g (students are app. 16 ys.), where we looked at different reasoning techniques before students prepared and gave a speech themselves in class. As an introduction I let the students share links