Be aware and exercise your #Google #criticism

This is an idea for a history lesson on “search machine-criticism”:

Homework: Watch this video


In class;

Test the assertions/claims in the video by changing location and Google accounts:

  1. Google the same keyword from different IP adresses: at home, in school or at work and take screenshots of the results. Ask a friend abroad to conduct the same search from a foreign IP address and send you a screenshot. Ask your parents to log in to their Google account and perform the same search Is there a difference? Does the teacher get is the same search results?
  2. How ‘incognito’ are you when you are searching ‘incognito’? Find out what data Google stores about you and your searches even when you are browsing incognito. Compare with another search engine, for example DuckDuckGo .
  3. Write 250 words about how the search filters on Google (and maybe Facebook) works, and give some suggestions on how to take this into account when doing research.
  4. Look up and discuss the internet history data legislation in your country in class. Privacy and civil rights vs. security?



Test påstandene i klassen

  1. Brug samme søgeord i browserens normal og inkognito-tilstand. Få en ven i udlandet til at foretage den samme søgning fra en udenlandsk ip-adresse og sende dig et screenshot. Er der forskel ? Får læreren de samme søgeresultater? Hvad kan det skyldes?
  2. Hvor ‘inkognito’ er du, når du søger inkognito? Undersøg, hvad Google gemmer og ved om dig, når du søger inkognito. Sammenlign med en anden søgemaskine, fx
  3. Skriv 250 ord om hvordan søgefiltre på internettet fungerer,  og giv nogle bud på hvordan man kan tage højde for dette, når man laver research.
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