1: Classroom discussion in a Sharepoint newsfeed

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Although I don’t like to be used as a pawn in the big EdtechGame of Thrones between Google and Microsoft, I am vain enough to fall for tricks like being accepted in ye olde knighthood of Microsofts Innovate Educators and OneNote superhero capes 🙂

In order to become a Microsoft Innovative Educator you have to brag publicly about your teaching skills using either video/Sway or Office Mix. I have been bragging publicly on this blog for a while, so that is no problem, but I don’t like being told how to do it.

After tinkering with Sway for a while – Sway doesn’t support Iframe, and I couldn’t look up Laura’s tweet from inside Sway) – I decided to continue on my blog – if the knighthood won’t accept me for this reason, so be it.

I understand that Microsoft has to promote their products – but to educators the name of the tool should be less important than the goals  – in this case expressing my teaching.

Anyway, here are some ideas from this schoolyear with Microsoft and other tools:


1: Classroom discussion in a Sharepoint newsfeed

Sharepoint Newsfeed

Reading a Stephen King novel, I asked students in pairs to formulate questions and put the 2 best in the Newsfeed of a classroom website with #tigers . Afterwards, they were asked to like/comment on/answer questions from their peers. Students immediately recognized the social media approach and started to play around with other obscure # 🙂

The teacher can also like and participate – and use the feed to make some conclusions.

This could be developed further by setting up a schoolwide newsfeed where ss could link up their blogs.

How about a school-wide essay-contest, where the winner is decided by number of likes?



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