5 ideas for a #connected humanities #k12 classroom

Connected classrooms
Connected classrooms

I would like to connect my students with students in another country. Maybe it doesn’t have to be very time-consuming, if you start with very small assignments- and then see what happens.

First, one should ask the students, what online social icebreaker activities to start with, when you meet new people online – maybe there should be some time for group-Skyping first.

And then, on to the good and fun stuff:

Here are 5 ideas to connect a humanities/languages classroom – none of them tested in real life yet, though.I would like to try out Edmodo as platform.

1) Language: Comparing idioms/proverbs

  • Rewrite an idiom from the partner country into you own language. (Maybe we could have some fun with Google Translate afterwards … )
  • Remix idioms from different countries.
  • Create a video of illustrated idioms from diff. countries?

2) Literature: Read a literary classic together. Create a podcast with a review of the book.

3) Literature: Let your students introduce a favorite author to their foreign peers.

4) Language and Literature: Let your students introduce and translate a native-speaking rap artist song to each other?

5) Media: Compare and contrast the news stories on a particular event in different countries: How does different perspectives show in the choice of words and pictures in the news coverage?


By the way, I also have 5 ideas to connect history classrooms…

Maybe next blog should be ‘5 ideas to connect with teachers.’ – (yes , you can find me on Etwinning as well. )

Or ‘5 ideas to blog more or less than 5 ideas at a time’… (ok, stop rambling)




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