Timelines in OneNote

Have you ever asked your students to create timelines in OneNote?

This exercise utilizes 3 cool features of OneNote:

  • The infinite scroll. There is no limit to the scope of a timeline, and you can go back and expand and elaborate on it.
  • The free movement of content boxes around the canvas. Students can shuffle and play around with content boxes prepared by the teacher
  • The ease of creating tables by hitting the ‘tab’ key: If you want to create a vertical timeline, you can just press ‘tab’ and OneNote creates an empty cell for a year. When you have enough years, just click ‘ctrl’ + ‘enter’ and you can start adding information to your timeline.

I simply created a page with 6 content boxes containing a timeline each of a history course, and then distributed the page to the individual student sections.

Their job was to place the content boxes in chronological order, and then finish the timelines of the different courses by adding as many important events and years as they liked.


6 content boxes with 6 timelines of different history courses.

Images and videos could also be added  -but that might disturb the purpose of the exercise, which is to develop/support/maintain the chronological overview.

Have you tried using OneNote for timelines?

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