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My school participated in a regional project with 6 other schools trying to come up with ideas to bring the world into the classroom other than embarking on expensive study trips. Inspired by this, I blogged 5 ideas to for a connected K12 educator classroom , and luckily Laura Hansen, Seattle responded to this:

We developed our project further using a MS (!) Word online document we and came up with this assignment for groups consisting of ss from both Lake Washington and Herning, DK:

Task and product: Make a presentation — a creative and skillful design that combines words and visuals — on a global world problem/history research question of your own choice, determined collaboratively with your group.

The presentation is due on Feb. 5th and should, as a minimum, contain:

– Title slide – with your names and photo(s) to represent your group. Include locations and the date range of collaboration

– Research Question slide – with the research question with an explanation of why it is important.

– Answers slide – with answers to your research question

– Reflections on the Problem slide – with reflections on the different perspectives on the subject from each side of the Atlantic: How does your location impact or influence your view on the problem?

– Reflections on Collaboration slide – with reflections on collaboration over the Atlantic: What did you learn from this and what would you do differently, if we choose to do it again

– Bibliography slide – with sources fully and properly cited. Should photos be cited? YES!!

Students picked their preferred presentation tool. Some used Google, some used Word and Powerpoint Online.

My students were challenged by the fact that American students didn’t use Facebook in school – I had to introduce some of them to email! – I kid you not! Also, the 9 hour time difference was an obstacle for real-time collaboration. Ss were also short of time. But they managed well, you can see some examples below.

Ss researched man

Some students used Powerpoint Online, but they are not shared publicly. Here’s an example from a group using Google Slides .


It was fun – I would love to do this again if Laura is up for it 🙂


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