1: Classroom discussion in a Sharepoint newsfeed

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Although I don’t like to be used as a pawn in the big EdtechGame of Thrones between Google and Microsoft, I am vain enough to fall for tricks like being accept­ed in ye olde knight­hood of Microsofts Inno­vate Edu­ca­tors and OneNote super­hero capes 🙂 In order to become a Microsoft Inno­v­a­tive Edu­ca­tor you have to brag publicly […]

2: Collaboration Project with @CenterStreet86 and her class

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My school par­tic­i­pat­ed in a region­al project with 6 oth­er schools try­ing to come up with ideas to bring the world into the class­room oth­er than embark­ing on expen­sive study trips. Inspired by this, I blogged 5 ideas to for a con­nect­ed K12 edu­ca­tor class­room , and luck­i­ly Lau­ra Hansen, Seat­tle respond­ed to this: All sound awesome!! […]

Be aware and exercise your #Google #criticism

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This is an idea for a his­to­ry les­son on “search machine-crit­i­cism”: Home­work: Watch this video [arve url=“‑177480” title=“Google bub­bles” /]   In class; Test the assertions/claims in the video by chang­ing loca­tion and Google accounts: Google the same key­word from dif­fer­ent IP adress­es: at home, in school or at work and take screen­shots of the results. Ask […]

5 ideas for a #connected humanities #k12 classroom

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I would like to con­nect my stu­dents with stu­dents in anoth­er coun­try. Maybe it does­n’t have to be very time-con­­sum­ing, if you start with very small assign­­ments- and then see what hap­pens. First, one should ask the stu­dents, what online social ice­break­er activ­i­ties to start with, when you meet new peo­ple online — maybe there should be […]