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Timelines in OneNote

Have you ever asked your students to create timelines in OneNote? This exercise utilizes 3 cool features of OneNote: The infinite scroll. There is no limit to the scope of a timeline, and you can go back and expand and

Be aware and exercise your #Google #criticism

This is an idea for a history lesson on “search machine-criticism”: Homework: Watch this video   In class; Test the assertions/claims in the video by changing location and Google accounts: Google the same keyword from different IP adresses: at home,

Digital tools in the #history classroom


Presentation for plenary session on Council of Europe Belgrade seminar, 29/10 2015 This is my first visit to Belgrade so I hope there will be time to see the city. My name is Lars Henriksen and I have been teaching

Kan man undervise i historie på Twitter?


Fordele og ulemper Det er klart at de 140 tegn sætter sine begrænsninger. Det er ikke her at eleverne får lært at skrive længere opgaver. Men man kan jo linke til det rigtige materiale og begrænsningen kan måske hjælpe til

5 ideas for a connected educator #history classroom

I would like to connect my classroom with a classroom in another country. That should be technically feasible with all the free social and collaborative tools available today, right? One purpose of history education is to empower students to be

Cooperative Learning in History

Inside-Outside circle

I was introduced to Cooperative Learning structures more than a year ago by a colleague/fellow. She taught a course of 4 lessons or workshops at my school. What can I say. I am a bit slow. This week I tried

Flipped history

Tomorrow I will try a different approach in one of my history classes on Great Britain and India. Homework: Watch the first 28 min. of this video and prepare 3 questions for quiz and swap in class. Lessonplan: 1) 15