5 ideas for a connected educator #history classroom

Connected classrooms
Connected classrooms

I would like to connect my classroom with a classroom in another country. That should be technically feasible with all the free social and collaborative tools available today, right?

One purpose of history education is to empower students to be world citizens and lead the world in the future. To achieve that you need “cultural competence ” – to be able to understand and listen to other people’s perspectives. That would also prepare students for their future cross-cultural workspace – even if they are not becoming world leaders 🙂

I know, it’s not that easy, you have to know or meet a peer teacher in another country who has “time to play”. Students will probably have to work asynchronously. And you have to establish a common online workspace that both groups of students are comfortable with.

I would like my students to work in groups consisting of 1-2 students from each classroom.

Here are 5 ideas for history activities:

1) Create a cartoon of the history of the European Union.

– My guess is that Danish students will look differently on this than, say Polish students. Maybe the cartoon should target young people like themselves who are not interested in EU affairs.


2) Solve the Israeli-Palestinean conflict

Outline a solution for the Palestinean conflict that should be presented in the UN. You have to teach the conflict first.


3) Update the organization of the UN

Discuss how the organization of the UN should change to reflect the world of 2014 instead of 1945. Again, this need some preparation…


4) Compare the history curriculum in your respective classes.

How does it reflect and affect your view of history and the world today? Compose a new curriculum. (maybe this is more interesting for teachers than students 🙂 )


5) Compare the use of historical artefacts in your town/city.

How does your city use history to brand and distinguish itself? Which events are emphasized and why?


Or alternatively, the two connected classrooms could brainstorm and agree upon a common project themselves with teachers as consultants?

This is just sketches – they all have to be developed.  And I am open for other ideas!

What are your thoughts? Please share them in a comment – thanks!

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