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  • Cooperative Learning in History

    Cooperative Learning in History

    I was intro­duced to Coop­er­a­tive Learn­ing struc­tures more than a year ago by a colleague/fellow. She taught a course of 4 lessons or work­shops at my school. What can I say. I am a bit slow. This week I tried some of Spencer Kagan’s CL-struc­tures in my classes. The ‘Inside-Out­side Cir­cle’ seemed to work well, not…

  • Flipped history

    Flipped history

    Tomor­row I will try a dif­fer­ent approach in one of my his­to­ry class­es on Great Britain and India. Home­work: Watch the first 28 min. of this video and pre­pare 3 ques­tions for quiz and swap in class. Lesson­plan: 1) 15 min­utes of quiz- and-swap : Stu­dents quiz one anoth­er with their ques­tions in pairs,  then swap ques­tions…